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Quann Park

Have any of you been to Quann Park with your dogs? I'm thinking of going there today but wanted to know if it is all fenced and how big it is? I usually go to a park on the West side but thought I might try something different.

What's your favorite dog park in Madison and why? Thanks!
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I haven't been there in a couple of months, but it is fully fenced in now. Though sometimes people leave the gates open if they are cutting through but its pretty rare.

There's a lot of space, not sure like actual numbers, but its pretty big!

Thanks! I actually went there a few times but on our last visit my dog was visciously attacked. It was a Kerry Blue Terrier gone mad. Thank goodness it had all its rabies shots!

It's too bad - I liked the park. It wasn't too big but wasn't tiny either.

What kind of dogs are those in your icon?
They are Shiba Inu.

Don't let one bad encounter keep your dogs away from the park, just be more careful about which dogs you let them play with.

Its a big enough park that you can keep groups of dogs seperated. We love Quann park and can't wait for it to be lighter longer outside so we can start going after work again.
Are they Japanese? They are really pretty!

I'm not brave enough to go back to Quann yet. The dog came out of nowhere and the owner couldn't even get under control - he got bitten as well. I was really frightened.

Maybe in the Spring I'll give it another shot. Thanks!
I realize it's been a while since you posted it, but I take my dog to Quann just about every day and really like it. If you want specifics about the park, my neighbor created a website for it:
I went to the park for the first time yesterday, loved it! there were flyers with the dog group website but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe you can check with your neighbor and see if they can get it running again?
The site seems to be working now. Glad you had fun! I moved from the area over a year ago and miss having that park just down the street from me.