meg (devious_bbw) wrote in madcitydogs,

my pup, hunter.

this is the best community ever!!!... this is exactly what i was looking for...

hi my name's megan. I have a 17 week old shar pei puppy. cute videos and pics of him can be seen here:

He likes to play wrestle other dogs- any dogs owners and dogs want to get together sometime? Dogs that don't like hyper puppies that love to play- may not match well with my pup, Hunter.

Next week is graduation for his puppy kindergarten class through "Dogs Best Friend" training. And then the tuesday after next we'll be going to "Dog Dens" puppy playgroup (fitchburg location).

Hope we can meet some new friends- he's too young to go to dog parks and we don't have a fenced in backyard :(

9-13 to 10-1 009
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